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BT Assessing is pleased to offer pre-approval to select clients and brokers.  Talk to us about this service and how we can add immediacy to your claims process.


When an accident occurs and the broker/insurer is notified, we will be contacted by the insurance company and appointed as the assessor (unless we have pre-approval in which case the notification will come directly from the client).

From there, our process begins by first contacting the insured to discuss the claim.  Thereafter, we will visit the accident site and interview the various key parties and stakeholders regarding the accident. Should additional information be available or be required, we will source police reports, the record of learning for the operator plus any truck records and reports. Essentially, we are looking to gather as much information about the accident and to assess the full extent of damage.

The next party we will deal with is the repairer and we will start pricing up jobs with them.  If there’s a possibility of total loss, we will get valuations and replacement values for the insurer’s information. If the accident will result in repair, we manage the repair process in conjunction with the repairer.

In essence, we are the link between the insured, the broker, the repairer and the insurance underwriter.  It is critical that we remain impartial and calm under all circumstances, with the ability to deliver news in a clear, concise and considered manner. We know from first-hand experience that the best service we can provide is to keep all stakeholders informed every step of the way.


With over seventeen years of experience under his belt, we know that our insights and conclusions have considerable value for the insurer and insured alike.

“Of course, our primary goal is to go on site and assess an accident; but for us, our secondary objective is to provide any insights we can, so that subsequent and similar accidents may be avoided,” says Brett.

The benefit of choosing BT Assessing as your assessor is that we can provide insight on risk management and prevention.  For a nominal additional fee, we can provide claimants with a more comprehensive risk management report and provide suggestions on policies, processes and practices that they may wish to implement to prevent same or similar accidents from happening in the future.

“Brett was efficient, caring and very professional at this difficult time…”

Neville Frost

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"It is often a very difficult and challenging time for heavy machinery owners and the underwriters, so surety and robust processes are a necessity and that’s what we offer"